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Who We Are

LEADER SPORTS MANAGEMENT is a boutique sports agency, comprising of trustworthy, caring, hard-working, analytical, passionate and experienced professionals who ensure the number one priority are always our players. 

We are very selective with whom we work with. Our strategy is to replicate that of a football club (scouting, recruitment, match analysis, specific individual training and day to day support). 

This enables us to always be ahead of the game and provide the best service to our players on and off the pitch whilst increasing our reputation in an evolving environment.

We take great pride in ensuring we build life time relationships with our players and their families ensuring all their needs are effectively met.

By offering a bespoke 24/7 premium service, we aim to be leaders in everything we do for our players so they can fully focus on their careers.

Our Services

LSM has the clear objective to help a select number of clients and provide them with the services that accommodate their needs beyond locating sporting opportunities.

Representation - Consultancy

We work with our players and their support networks to ensure we provide a tailor made career plan, to ensure they achieve their individual goals.
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Legal Support

Our legal service department has over two decades of experience ensuring we provide our players with the best legal advise on professional and private matters.
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Personal Support

We understand the mental challenges and pressures that players go through their professional careers, from academy football to the competing at the
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Athlete Mentoring

In a high competitive environment such as the world of football, we aim to help our players to reach their maximum potential.
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Performance Analysis

We have a dedicated team of very experienced professionals who have worked at some of the best academies 
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Financial Planning and Management

Our players will have access to experienced accountants and financial advisors. 
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Meet the Team

You can expect no senseless hierarchies, just open discussions, transparency and above all the best team for todays times.
We can help You to change your world to a better one. Welcome to Leader Sports Management

Enrique de Lucas

CEO & FA & Rfef Registered Intermediary
We work with smart and passionate team members and clients, who will grow our minds and hearts.

Carlos Cambeiro

UK Director & FA Registered Intermediary
People are people – And that’s how we treat them, regardless of rank or association. Everyone deserves respect, transparency, and honesty
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What Others Say

Our customers love us
But you don’t have to take our word for it…
There are many agencies out there. But you won't find a more dedicated and hard working agency than this one.
Quique and I both played together at Celta Vigo and even then he was helping other players. It seemed to come naturally to him

When Quique decided to build Leader Sports Management, I knew it was the right place for me and I have never looked back since.

We all need a great support network in football and LeaderS provides me with the ideal platform as it’s built with transparency and integrity.

Hugo Mallo

Captain Of Celta Vigo
For me LeaderS are more than just an agency, they are part of my family
17 Carlisle Street,
London W1D 3BU
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